Protect Your Skin from Chlorine

Did you know that iodide and chlorine disinfectants aggravate acne? Face Reality knows how tight your pores can feel after a dip in the swimming poo! This can be misleading, as one would think this would dry out the skin clearing our breakouts, right? Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Chlorine and iodide disinfectants penetrate deeply into the pores resulting in inflammation. To avoid breakouts from popping up later, we recommend applying a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor following your SPF. You may be confused now because you thought this would clog your pores.. Wrong again! The molecule is too large to penetrate the pore, making it the perfect solution! Steer clear of breakouts this swim season and don't forget your petroleum in your swim bag!

For sun protection swimming in the pool or beach, use Sol RX Clear Zinc SPF 50. On a daily basis, use Face Reality's Ultimate Protection SPF 27 and Daily SPF 30 sunscreens. All three of these sunscreens will not cause your skin to break out in acne. Your Acne Solutions is your headquarters for all of Face Reality's Acne Clearing products.

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