Is Accutane the Best Cure?

Here is what Face Reality Acne Clinic has to say about Accutane:

We've seen hundreds of clients who have tried Accutane, not once but several times, thinking it would clear their skin forever. The truth is, there is no "cure" for acne. However, acne can be controlled with the right skincare routine and lifestyle choices. . Isotretinoin, aka Accutane, can temporarily clear acne for some, but the overall health side effects can do more harm than good. This medication is a high dose of Vitamin A which significantly reduces oil production in the body and skin, leaving your skin and joints fragile and frail. This can be dangerous on the organs, but not everyone reads the fine print before approving this prescription. The truth is, though oil production can stimulate breakouts it is not the root cause of your acne. Turning off oil production is not going to keep you clear forever. Breakouts are formed because the pore is shedding dead skin cells too rapidly.

With the right skincare products and lifestyle choices, you can control these dead skin cells from building and prevent future breakouts. Clear skin and signing your health away shouldn't be a package deal. With the help of a Face Reality Acne Specialist, you can control your acne long-term, without the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. Cheers to clear skin without the risk!

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