High Frequency Treatment

Jellen Products talks about the history of High Frequency and benefits on their website.

"High Frequency was developed in the late 1800's by renowned scientist Nikola Tesla and was referred to as the Violet Ray. While it offers a number of functions, before the invention of 'modern' antibiotics it was largely used for medical purposes such as in the treatment of strep throat and other infections and to expedite the healing of wounds.

In the 1970's European salons used high frequency for cosmetic and healing benefits and by 1980, the the technology became widely used in North American by skin care professionals. High frequency is considered a very safe and non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation and can help:

- Clear existing acne and prevent breakouts

- Soften appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Shrink the size of enlarged pores

-Reduce areas of puffiness

-Exfoliate away dead skin cells and debris

-Promote healthier hair growth.

High frequency electrodes are made of clear tempered glass and come in a variety different shapes and sizes to facilitate the treatment of various contours of the face and body. During the high frequency facial, gentle currents of low-level electricity infuse the skin with purifying and rejuvenating oxygen molecules. This encourages cellular repair, elevates collagen and elastin and cleanses away impurities and enhances blood circulation. "

High Frequency is offered at Your Acne Solutions.

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