Does "Natural" Mean Acne Safe?

Here is what Face Reality has to say:

Coconut oil, cocoa butter, algae extract, kelp, seaweed, soybean oil, spirulina… it sounds like the perfect medley of ingredients for the new natural skincare product you found at Sephora. Our acne specialists have heard it again and again, “I prefer natural products”. Unfortunately, “natural” is considered one of the most vague and deceiving words in skincare, especially when it comes to the treatment of acne.

What you don’t realize, is that all of the ingredients listed above are considered to be the culprits in acne cosmetica. The above ingredients are viewed as natural, but are an acne sufferer’s worst enemy with some of the highest comedogenic ratings you can find in a skincare product. Face Reality maintains a wide variety of products to effectively treat your acne, without the use of pore clogging ingredients.

As a Face Reality Specialist, I assist you in clearing your acne by setting up a personalized program using the Face Reality products and discussing lifestyle tips that can quicken your clearing.

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