Do You Have Non-Inflamed Acne?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

You have non-inflamed acne if your skin is dull, sluggish looking and pebbly appearance. With non-inflamed comedones, there is no redness or swelling of the lesion. Non-inflamed acne can consist of blackheads which are an accumulation of dead skin cells and-sebaceous matter within the follicle. Its top is not covered by a layer of dead skin cells but instead is exposed to air. The black coloring is not dirt. There can also be soft closed comedones which develop when a plug of cellular debris and oil becomes trapped within the pore and are covered by a layer of dead skin cells. The oil plug itself remains liquid or soft. Hard closed comedones can develop just as their soft counterparts, however, the impaction has hardened and is similar to a grain of sand. The white head is not pus, but rather a mass of dead cells and sebum. A microcomedone is the very beginning of an acne lesion. It occurs when the sebaceous duct and pore opening becomes blocked by excess sebum and dead skin cells. Every blemish begins as a microcomedone. If you have non-inflamed acne, your skin is generally not sensitive or reactive to skin care products. It does take longer to clear non-inflamed acne than inflamed acne. Face Reality Acne Clearing Program combines mechanical and chemical exfoliation to clear non-inflamed skin. Your Acne Solutions offers a comprehensive program to help your skin become clear and smooth.

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