Are Nodules Your Problem?

Of all the inflamed acne, the Nodule is the deepest of all the acne types. This inflamed breakout is hard to the touch and can vary in color. Often times they'll appear as deep, large, flesh colored bumps on the skin. Other times they'll appear more red and inflamed. Regardless of how they appear, they are hard to the touch and feel like a dense bump rooted beneath the skin. Much like Cystic acne, this is the result of bacteria deep within the pores infecting nearby follicles.


To prevent and treat these inflamed breakouts do not skip your acne med or exfoliating serum. You'll want to consult with your doctor regarding pharmaceutical grade fish oil which often times helps to reduce inflammation internally. Icing after cleansing and incorporating the Sulfur Spot Treatment into your routine will help reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation. Remember not to pick at your breakouts as you will risk more bacteria developing and spreading to other pores. Scarring can often times follow nodules if they aren't carefully treated. Do not pick! Not sure if you have nodules? Set up your consultation with me.

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