Acne and Protein Shakes

Before you checkout at the health food store, beware of the ingredient decks listed on your protein bars and protein powders! Sure, these protein rich products can help you build large muscles, but guess what? Most protein rich supplements will also lead to larger breakouts! Whey protein and soy protein are the most commonly found supplemented proteins on the market. It is important to steer clear of these proteins due to their high content of iodides. These ingredients stimulate oil production and inflammation which can result in breakouts for even those who aren't acne-prone! Just when you thought you found an acne-safe protein option, we have to break the news that peanut butter protein should also be avoided due to it's high content of androgens. We would never ask you to eliminate your protein shake from your daily routine, so if you are looking for an acne-safe protein option, we suggest pea protein or hemp protein as an acceptable substitute! Break a sweat without the breakout!

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