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Initial One Hour Consultation with Treatment for Face -  $90.00

Initial One Hour Consultation with Treatment for Back - $110.00

 The initial consultation is combined with a consultation and testing for the Face Reality acne home care products.  Extractions can be done at the first visit along with high frequency.   Face Reality home care acne products are part of the acne solution to clearing your acne.  Your home care program may be adjusted every two to four weeks to push the skin to clear.  Getting you clear of acne is my goal.  Home care compliance is the #1 factor in getting and staying clear.

Follow up acne treatments for the face include Face Reality chemical solution along with extractions and high frequency for $65.00.

Follow up acne treatment for the back include Face Reality chemical solution along with extractions and high frequency for $90.00.


This treatment reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling and looking younger.  Can help reduce discoloration resulting from acne blemishes. The Rezenerate nanotechnology painlessly creates hundreds of thousands of superficial microscopic permeations on the surface of the skin leading to immediate plumpness.  It also allows for greater absorption for the nutrients introduced into the skin during the treatment. Encourages cell turnover. Click here to learn more about ReZENerate.  Click Here

DERMAFILING -  $85.00 
Get a fabulous exfoliation with my Dermafile treatment.  Exfoliate right in the office, not at home.  Dermafiling is an alternative to microdermabrasion without the possibility of broken capillaries and can be used on any type of skin except active acne.  Dermafiling treats aging and sun damaged skin, acne scarring and pigmentation.  Skin feels silky smooth and rejuvenated. Dermafiling is followed by an Omega Peel and Hydro 18 Activated Water Infusion Mask. Receive a relaxing facial massage to increase blood flow to the skin helping to rejuvenate the skin.  It also helps release tension from the facial muscles.


Dermaplaning is an exfoliation technique to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz type hair from the face. Dermaplaning will safely and painlessly remove the hair triggering your skin’s natural regenerate process. Your skin will look fresh and new, with a smooth texture and your makeup will go on smoother after the procedure. Combining dermaplaning with the ReZENerate nanotechnology may provide greater overall skin results and more anti-aging benefits.  An additional $60.00 will be applied for the ReZENerate treatment combined with the dermaplaning. 

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